RailScaf Patent

Please be informed that Ehub Company Pte Ltd is the proprietor of Singapore Patent No. 107945 titled “Scaffolding System” for a movable scaffolding system.

Ehub Company Pte Ltd has given an exclusive license to Dembicon Equipment Pte Ltd to use, manufacture, import, market, distribute, sell and hire our the patented scaffolding system in Singapore to the exclusion of others.  The use, manufacture, import, marketing, distribution, sale and hiring out of the patented scaffolding system in Singapore without the authorization of Dembicon Equipment Pte Ltd therefore constitutes an infringement of the Patent.

Dembicon Equipment Pte Ltd markets the patented scaffolding system under the brand name “RailScaf”.

We wish to notify you to take the necessary precautionary steps to avoid purchasing or hiring the patented scaffolding system from unlicensed third parties. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to render any assistance or supply you with the original patented scaffolding system.